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Meet Frank Scurlock, Candidate spotlight

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Frank Scurlock

Candidate Office: Governor of Louisiana

Phone: 2028361021

Call/Text 24/7/365 

(225) 715-9331

State Campaign HQ: 

3939 North Causeway Suite: 202 Metairie, LA 70002

Candidate Office: Governor for the State of Louisiana

 I would be honored to learn your needs as I Serve the People of the Great State of Louisiana who are “We the People”! Interviews and Zoom calls available upon request. 

Our platform is simple and outlined at:


Lifelong Louisiana resident with over 40 years experience in the Entertainment and Amusement business.  Born Republican. Ran for mayor of New Orleans as a Democrat in 2017 and Independent Candidate for President in 2020.  Passionate about being a Public Servant and not a politician. Father of 3 amazing and talented children based in LoUiSiAna that run the Nationwide Family business. Born in 1962, but have the fight, desire and energy of a 40 year old. Ok, 25 year old… Knows the difference between right and wrong determined to coach, Lead and guide to a United Nation based on the principles of our Forefathers and God with Liberty and Justice for all. 

Your platform 

Building The 10 Louisiana Commandments:

1) Taxes: Thou shall not be OVER taxed. Repeal of State Income Tax. Implement a Value-added tax REFUND for out of state visitors. 

2) Society: The people shall be kind. Do what it takes to restore a non-violent society. Never lose hope as this is a commitment that I will stand on until the end.

3) Non-processed drugs: We shall research, understand, and recognize all herbs and medicines intended for both recreational and medical use. Make Holistic Health deductible and covered by insurance.

4) Business: Thou shall do business together. We will provide incentives for businesses and industry to come to Louisiana to restore local and national manufacturing including exporting our culture.

5) Education: We shall teach our children and future leaders through public, private, and charter schools of their choosing, with assistance as needed. Income balanced.

6) Infrastructure: We have to act on our issues: Roads & Bridges, Clean Energy, High Speed Internet, Clean Water, Transportation, and more – The State must work with all cities (small and large).

7) Expenditures: One example: All dues, fees, decorations, and other expenses for Mardi Gras…make them deductible. We will show that Louisiana promotes the most culture-rich state in America.

8) Natural Resources: Natural Gas and locations! The refineries are the problem…relocation may be the answer. Move the pollutants away from the people (and, henceforth, remove the cancer).

9) Sportsman’s Paradise: Recognizing the natural resources of our state and how important it is to our country. Fishing and wildlife are keys!

10) Opportunity: Louisiana is an equal opportunity state! We will prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind (see #2) based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws. It’s all about loving one another. we are all God’s creations.

Faith, Family and Fun!

Answers to the forum registration questions

Question Principle 11
We believe that each state is sovereign in performing those functions reserved to it by the Constitution and it is destructive of our federal system and the right of self-government guaranteed under the Constitution for the Federal Government to regulate or control the States in performing their functions or to engage in performing such functions itself.

In your opinion has this principle been violated by our federal government?
What would help correct this violation?
What state functions are reserved to it through the Constitution?

Answer: Yes, totally. Hit the Reset Button. States are independent which is a Liberty we should strive to maintain to achieve Freedom based on the principles of God Almighty.

Question Principle 9
We maintain that every person who enjoys the protection of his life, liberty, and property should bear his fair share of the cost of government in providing that protection; that the elementary principles of justice set forth in the Constitution demand that all taxes imposed be uniform throughout the nation and that any tax imposed on persons within our borders be at the same impartial rate.

Has this principle been violated?
In what way?
Do you think our current tax laws are justified and equal?

Answer: Those that work and take risk have been penalized. Over taxes and rights stripes away and we barely have a voice until true Independence is achieved. No, not at all. We need to abolish state income taxes and cap federal at 10% with deductibles allowed to pay it forward and not take away.

Question Principle 8
We are unalterably opposed to Socialism, either in whole or in part, and regard it as an unconstitutional usurpation of power and a denial of the right of private property for government to own or operate the means of producing and distributing goods and services in competition with private enterprise, or to regiment owners in the legitimate use of private property, especially through the use of public taxes.

What social programs do we have that indicate socialism in the United States of America?
What are some signs of socialism in today’s society?
What is the long-term effect of socialism on the people?
What steps can be taken to stop socialism in the United States?

Answer: Pretty much the whole system is socialist and needs to be abolished. Unfair or recognized voices if We the People. They steal our profits for our hard work and effort. Currently it breeds a system that fosters an environment for people to not work or achieve success and suck off of those that risk everything for the Greater Good. We believe in the Future. We need to stop in the tracks those sucking offs the system paid for by those that choose to truly work. IT’s Liberty and Justice for all.

Question National Monument to the Forefathers
The National Monument to the Forefathers is a towering representation of the founding values of our Republic and is said to be the worlds largest solid granite monument.
In your opinion, what is the greatest value that Americans can learn from this monument and why is it relevant today?

Answer: That’s we are all created equally and our blessing come from effort and dedication but most importantly In God we Trust.

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