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Meet Jeffery Istre, Candidate spotlight

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Jeffery Istre

Candidate Office: Governor of Louisiana

Phone: 3375811955

Jeffery Istre was born in Houma in 1966, grew up in Lafayette, and graduated in Kaplan,La. in 1984.

Jeffery Istre has worked in the oilfield for 15 years for Island Operating. Jeffery also started Acadian Search and Rescue in 2013 which is a non profit dedicated to bringing missing persons home. Jeffery’s past employment includes over the road and local truck driving for 12 years and a Sergeant in the US Army in the 1st Calvary Division from 1984-1992. Jeffery served as squad leader in Desert Storm.

Jeffery Istre believes that it’s time for a true person of the people to take office. The affluent elite have controlled the power of this state for too long and have used that office for their own advancement and/or profit for friends and major campaign donors. Jeffery has always been a hard working, family man just like most of the people in Louisiana.

Jeffery Istre believes the matters that need attention in this state are but not limited to; bringing the oilfield production levels back up. This is good for the state and the nation by becoming energy independent again. Secondly, our teachers are one of our best resources in the state, we need to make sure they are taken care of for they are teaching our future leaders. Thirdly but not lastly, Louisiana has the highest poverty rate in the nation. We are 47th in the nation in median income. This issue has been ignored for generations. We need to invest in our low income sectors to help the people help themselves.

Jeffery Istre is running as an independent candidate. Jeffery believes that the two party system has gotten out of hand and they are fighting each other more than they are governing, which is what they are being paid to do.

Jeffery Istre is a family man with Christian values. His family includes his wonderful wife Angie, 8 children, and 11 grandchildren.

Jeffery Istre believes a common man with common sense can do more for the state and lead us in the right direction.

More information about me can be found at

Answers to the forum registration questions

Question Principle 11
We believe that each state is sovereign in performing those functions reserved to it by the Constitution and it is destructive of our federal system and the right of self-government guaranteed under the Constitution for the Federal Government to regulate or control the States in performing their functions or to engage in performing such functions itself.

In your opinion has this principle been violated by our federal government?
What would help correct this violation?
What state functions are reserved to it through the Constitution?

Answer: Yes. I think the Federal Government has over stepped it’s authority in many ways. The first that comes to mind is abortion. I believe a strong Governor with the help of a good Attorney General can be effective against this overreach by the Feds.

Question Principle 9
We maintain that every person who enjoys the protection of his life, liberty, and property should bear his fair share of the cost of government in providing that protection; that the elementary principles of justice set forth in the Constitution demand that all taxes imposed be uniform throughout the nation and that any tax imposed on persons within our borders be at the same impartial rate.

Has this principle been violated?
In what way?
Do you think our current tax laws are justified and equal?

Answer: The wealthy are not paying their fair share. There are too many loop holes in our tax system and the middle class are bearing the lion’s share of the burden. Mismanagement of our revenue is another problem. You have to be frugal with the taxes you do collect. Wasteful government spending is prevalent in Louisiana.

Question Principle 8
We are unalterably opposed to Socialism, either in whole or in part, and regard it as an unconstitutional usurpation of power and a denial of the right of private property for government to own or operate the means of producing and distributing goods and services in competition with private enterprise, or to regiment owners in the legitimate use of private property, especially through the use of public taxes.

What social programs do we have that indicate socialism in the United States of America?
What are some signs of socialism in today’s society?
What is the long-term effect of socialism on the people?
What steps can be taken to stop socialism in the United States?

Answer: Imminent Domain. This practice should be abolished in all forms in the US.

Question National Monument to the Forefathers
The National Monument to the Forefathers is a towering representation of the founding values of our Republic and is said to be the worlds largest solid granite monument.
In your opinion, what is the greatest value that Americans can learn from this monument and why is it relevant today?

Answer: Our forefathers knew what they were doing. They put certain checks and balances in place because they knew a democracy can trample and man’s rights just the same as any other form of government. The politicians continue to invent ways around the constitution and hold it as rule of law. The monument to me represents clear thinking and a government that was create to protect the people from an overreaching government. 

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