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Take a stand

It’s time to turn the tide.

You may be asking yourself what one person does to turn the tide.  Most feel it is impossible, but patriots know that nothing is impossible with God.  You may feel prompted or compelled to do something, but you don’t know what to do.  All that you know is that you must take a stand.  We can assist you, but here are some steps that everyone can take to help.

  • Be a guiding light – You have a chance to be a guiding light to those who are not sure of what’s taking place politically and morally in the United States.  Never doubt the influence that you have on others.  Not everything you attempt will produce immediate results.  We all learned how to walk step by step over the years, regardless of which shoes we had on.  Along that line of reasoning, the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Never focus on the harvest, but focus on the seeds you’re sowing.”
  • Be knowledgeable – Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you spread information.  Citizens have been fed propaganda by corporations, organizations, and the government itself.  We have been taught to not question authority and we need to break the chains of indoctrination.  We can help you develop critical thinking skills, but the most important thing that you can do is to ask questions.
  • Leave your pride at the door – We will always try to find the most knowledgeable people and sources to guide people to the answers that they seek and yet each of us acknowledge that we are ignorant in our own ways and must each continually learn.  Learn about and take on the mantle of selfless servant style leadership and the rest will fall into place.  There are never dumb questions, and there are only imperfect answers.  So, ask or give advice as needed and humble yourselves to understand that your knowledge is imperfect either way.
  • Always try to do something – As an example of one’s influence, we have a member of the IAP, who lives in a rural county, and when four candidates were running for Sheriff, this member put together four packets, one for each candidate, which included questions on how the candidate stands on the Second Amendment (would he protect it?), and also a question on why there is a drug problem in our rural county, where it seems everyone knows everyone’s business anyway. What was the result of his efforts – three of the four candidates came to his house in the country, to further converse about his questions.

Our society has been trained to be obedient compliant slaves.  We need to break the mold and become what we were created to be and not what the corporate and government masters demand of us.  The arguments between the left and the right are designed to distract us from what is truly important.  We need to change our regular behavior to invite Divinely inspired change into our own lives. 

fly a flag for others to see
Fly a flag to show your support for the USA

Some of the things you can do periodically are:

  • Ask in prayer to help spread the truth about the serious state of the United States of America.  Then seek inspiration from the Declaration of Independence, Founding Fathers documents, our Federal and State Constitutions, and Holy Writ.
  • Pray for our Republic and the leaders in our cities, counties, states, and throughout our Nation to humble themselves and protect the liberty of the people.  Ask for Divine intervention in correcting the fractures in our people and for leaders to help heal the wounds in our nation instead of causing them.
  • Get in touch with your elected officials in a kind and respectful manner to express your concerns about legislation that is unconstitutional, violates the Natural Rights of the people, or is immorally wrong.  Compliment the same leaders when they make a good decision or vote.  Develop working relationships with all public servants that are elected to serve you and expose and depose those who refuse to be responsive to we the people.
  • Train your leadership to understand that their primary function is as a servant to the people and not to corporations and special interest.  They are to know and understand that they are forbidden to violate your natural rights and they are obligated to represent the people while preserving and protecting the Constitution of the United States.
  • The Apathy and ignorance of good neighbors across the nation is an anchor that weighs our liberty down.  We need to have meaningful relationships with our neighbors and friends.  We need to make it a point to regularly invite our neighbors over for a drink or a meal.  When we live by example and show our neighbors a better way to live, we can have relationships that forge unions that shatter tyranny.  It is no secret that the draconian tyrannical overreach over the past few years was designed to divide and destroy the nation.
  • Be bold and put a political bumper sticker on your car or buy a yard sign that helps you express your support for a cause or a candidate that you believe in.
  • Build a float, drive, or walk in a parade to express yourself.  Be bold and let others know the principles that you stand on.  You might be surprised about who joins you and who does not.
  • Knock on doors and get to know your neighbors.  This is an age-old tradition that is all but forgotten.  In the days, weeks, and months ahead this nation will see neighbor turn against neighbor out of desperation.  Getting to know your neighbor right now gives you time to work with them to prepare for the collapse that is upon us.
  • When you run across great resources purchase a copy for your neighbors.  We all need further education in the preparedness and liberty categories.  If you have good sources to gather information, intelligence, and perspective then share those to those around you.  When there are sources that are disreputable and dishonest then warn others by pointing to verifiable facts, not talking points.  Be the leader that your neighborhood never knew it needed.
  • Be a billboard of liberty by wearing patriotic attire to clearly define your freedom of speech.  Shock the conscience of safe spaces when appropriate and strategically carry the message of liberty forward every day.  Belligerently exercise your rights.
  • Hand our pamphlets, decals, flyers, stickers, and promotional materials that speak to your cause.  Publish and produce physical things as much as you do digital ones.  Fight the encroachment of censorship and the criminalization of speech and thought with bold action.
  • Write short and to-the-point letters, with questions to area newspapers, online groups, legacy media companies, clubs, and churches.  Be respectful but clearly point out our flawed philosophy and failure to defend the rights of the people.  Encourage positive actions while respectfully denouncing immoral, ignorant, and irresponsible actions.
  • One of the civic duties of all citizens is to be actively involved with their public servants.  Attend city, county, and legislative meetings.  Speak out and give your opinion to your representatives and follow up with them.  Call them out when they are not responsive to the people and belligerently expose any corruption and incompetence that comes to light.  Encourage your friends, neighbors, and family to do the same.  Form activist groups that focus on key constitutional issues in your community.
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Support the cause of liberty wherever you are

Any selfless way that you volunteer, will make a difference, both here and in the next life.  Remember talking about political and moral principles and subjects have their time and place, so make sure you do more than just talk about politics each time you meet your common friends, or you’ll become annoying to them.  Speak the truth but understand that some people are only able to come to terms with reality one bite at a time.  Take each person where he or she is politically and sow some thoughts, as you feel inspired.

When you are ready to take a stand, you are not alone.  Not only do you have God on your side, but you have a group of Independent American Patriots on your side.  If you are ready to take a stand on a deeper level.