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Important Note About Donations

If you contribute more than $200, we are required to use our best efforts to collect and publicly disclose on a financial report your name, address, occupation and employer, as well as the date and amount of your contribution.  The $200 reporting threshold applies to your total contributions to one committee during a calendar year. For example, you may make several small contributions to a committee during a year.  Once these contributions add up to over $200, the committee must report the contributor information.  This applies only PER PERSON, and donations from a separate person (your wife, husband, son, etc) can add up to an additional $200.

If this is the case, please add your address, employer and occupation to the donation.  If you are currently not working you may enter “Retired” or “Not Employed”.

Anonymous Donations can NOT exceed $50, and must be in cash.

You can also send a check or money order (with name, address, employer and occupation information) to:

Independent American Patriots
PO Box 244
Republic WA 99166 

For all donations, please be aware that:

  • Your maximum donation per calendar year cannot exceed $32,400
  • Contributions or gifts to the IAP National Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
  • Funds received in response to this solicitation will be subject to federal contribution limits.
  • Contributions from corporations and foreign nationals are prohibited.

Thank you for supporting the Independent American Patriots. Patriots like you are the reason that everyday people have a voice again. God Bless all those that stand for liberty and freedom. ~Chairman Lonny Ray Williams

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