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Organize Your Area

The Independent American Patriots is reorganizing into a group of liberty minded patriots.

We seek to preserve the Republic by returning to our non-partisan roots as a nation.  We pursue the abandonment of the political party system in this nation and a return to common sense government that is subservient to we the people.  As a full member of our family of patriots you have a right and an obligation to stand as a pillar of principles in your community.  If you are ready to organize your area and are ready to take on a leadership or support role within your community, we stand ready to assist you.

We are currently looking for State and County Coordinators to help support the grassroots development in their area.  Local community leadership teams are also being developed to assist in rebuilding strong resilient communities with self sufficiency in mind in the event of disaster, war, or civil unrest.  We continue to seek to elect local Independent Americans who stand by the Principles of Good Governance but are now transitioning to a full-service activist association that challenges unconstitutional laws, mandates, and proclamations by employing every inalienable right at our disposal.

We uncover corruption and incompetence wherever we find it and expose the lies of bureaucracy and tyranny.  We testify against bad legislation and protest tyranny wherever it exists.  We teach history and skills of self-sufficiency to minimize our dependence on government systems and reliance.  Each individual local community focuses on the issues that are most important to their families and neighbors and carries those concerns forward to county, state, and regional coordinators to organize and support their efforts.  National Leadership is being transformed into servant style leadership that reflects the needs of we the people in preserving their liberty, security, and prosperity.

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