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The Enemy Within

enemy within

Shortly before joining the Independent American Party, I had concluded a great campaign for State Representative in Washington’s 7th Legislative District.  I ran against the Incumbent Republican who for all intents and purposes is corrupt and feckless in the defense of liberty and her conservative constituency.  Prior to this experience, I had believed that Republicans and their leadership were conservative.  My experience running on a conservative platform and exposing the true nature of the Grand Old Party led me to the true conservative nature of the Independent American Party.  Our Party recognized that the party system was the problem and on July 4th, 2023, I announced that we had begun the process to formally reorganize as a Private Membership Association known as the Independent American Patriots.  Our goal has been to embrace the wisdom of George Washington, the Founding Fathers, and prominent men of Renown to restore our Republic to its former state of liberty and representation.

   The liberating thing about becoming an Independent American is the freedom from dogmatic principles of the party that are quite often straight-up lies.  When we gave up our Federal National Party Status many of the snakes in the grass fled as there was no food for their kind.  Our members are now the leaders in their own communities and leadership responds to the needs of local issues.  We have discovered that truth has a way of surviving the gaslighting and propaganda that are regularly unleashed against the people.  I will briefly list a few of my own experiences in how this truth comes out.

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   In my own Washington State, there is a bill HB 2157 that changes the definition of a vaccine to further give cover to the Pharmacrats and their Masters.  Make no mistake about it, this is a Democrat and a Republican bill.  It cedes the definition to that of whatever the FDA and CDC say it is.  I suppose these legislators have no concept of State Sovereignty or the importance of independent thought as it relates to the scientific principle.  There are plenty on both sides of the bill that state that mRNA technology is great despite the overwhelming evidence of catastrophic damage that it is doing to our population.  One may be perplexed as to why Democrats and Republicans are lining up behind this bill but looking at the amount of campaign finances received from the medical establishment, one can understand what is happening.  It does not appear that it is about science after all, it is just about the money.

   The sad aspect is that there are citizens who are fighting against this bill because they know it is terrible legislation but are being dishonest by classifying it as a Democratic Bill.  When fighting against any legislation it is important to point out that both parties participate in the insanity, unfortunately, partisan fighters cannot admit their own fault in the sponsorship of bad legislation.  Partisans are stuck in groupthink mentalities and they refuse to call their own in their arguments.  Their short-sighted inability to speak about their own party ills is instantly diminishing to the fight.  Many of these are often the same shady people who steal other people’s work and ideas and rebrand them as their own.  Rather than bring people together in a common cause they drive citizens away through their actions.  These counter-patriots want to be in the fight but are so selfish and self-centered that they cannot conceive of selfless ideas on their own.  Good people are often drawn in by these doppelgangers and then leave the fight after they witness the corruption and selfishness in their own camp.

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   It is not just selfish individuals craving to be more influential, that ruffle the feathers of those who would otherwise stand up and fight bad legislation. Organizations that have fancy names may also lead you to believe that they stand for your values, unfortunately, many consistently let their supporters down.  Their administrations appear to be beholden to the same special interests that have bought and paid for our legislators.  When these so-called benevolent organizations stand for shady bills or refuse to take a stand on important ones, more supporters flee the cause.

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   Case in point the Family Policy Institute that operates in many Republican circles here in Washington State.  Once a respectable bastion of family values is now questionable in its reliability in opposition to important issues.  They barely made a stink about S.B. 6151, this bill promotes abortion by outlawing the ability for expecting mothers to get ultrasounds before they make a life-ending decision. 

Washington Republicans were lackluster in their opposition to S.B. 5599 which has turned Washington into a Sanctuary State for Child Mutilation and Castration.  The G.O.P. and feckless organizations are all too happy to take your money but continue to give Republican sponsors a pass with bills like H.B. 2016 which allows for children to contract for their own places to rent, regardless of what a Parent or legal guardian may have to say about it.  These same organizations endorsed incumbents over challengers that run on family-first platforms and have clearly become another wasted opportunity for coordination and opposition to anti-family legislation.

   It is important to note that most Republicans and their affiliated auxiliary organizations are not necessarily conservative, many have embraced the progressive mentality which runs contrary to the vision of our Founding Fathers.  Being a conservative means to conserve our inalienable rights as well as our state and personal sovereignty.  Generally, true conservatives embrace and understand the Founding Fathers who were anti-federalists.  Personal rights and Natural Law always trump unconstitutional legislation and that is where we need to look for organizations to share in the fight.

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   A couple of amazing organizations come to mind in Washington state and nationwide, but I encourage our members and other citizens to always do their own homework to validate and substantiate my own experience.  The first organization that I would like to talk about was instrumental and critical in helping me understand the fundamentals of our Republic.  The Center for Self Governance is THE one-stop shop to get you all caught up on how to understand your civic duty, governmental boundaries, and how to build relationships and be effective in your local community and government.  If you want to stand up against the political weaponization of government then I highly recommend you get in touch with Mark Herr or Pam Leslie to take the first step in waking up to the power that you have as a citizen.

   The second and another critical pillar in standing up against bad legislation on a state and federal level is Conservative Ladies of Washington which has been so successful in raising awareness and fighting against bad legislation in my state that they have recently gone national in their fight as Conservative Ladies of America.  Often you find people emulating success and there are plenty of circles popping up around the state trying to do similar “legislative action teams”, but I can tell you from experience that Julie Barrett possesses a keen insight and uncompromising hand to true conservative values and is a great ally against unconstitutional legislation that violates our natural rights.  Becoming a student of this Legislative Pitbull will help ensure that you learn from one of the best fighters out there.

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   The Independent American Patriots encourage you to reach out to these and other great organizations and institutions where you can accomplish the things that are most important in your own community.  There has been a great interest in the things that we have been personally working on here in Washington State and I understand that there are vast regional differences and subtle variations on how things are done in your state or commonwealth.  However, the challenges of sorting through the manure to find proper fertilizer can be difficult.  No matter where you choose to plant your tree of liberty it is important that you find allies to keep liberty alive.  My own personal experience has shown that the battlefield is littered with selfish soldiers pinning medals on their own chests but those who simply swing a sword cleanly and effectively are often the best place to stand next to.  Collateral damage and friendly fire reduce the number of allies on the field and one of the greatest opportunities for success in battle is found through honest selfless citizens who fight for truth no matter what ugliness it exposes.  As an Infantry soldier, I can tell you that selfish people don’t always take the time to shoot straight.  Human nature will affect our outcomes if we allow it to.

   This year is one of the most critical in our lives.  It will determine whether the ideals and values of Natural Law and the Representative Republic survive the wickedness of our age.  Who we choose to fight with and who we choose to ignore will directly determine the quality of our own tribe moving forward.  As always, I implore you to seek out and involve the God of your understanding in prayer, meditation, and reflection.  Then get in the fight and save your Republic for your children, your grandchildren, and for the sake of all humanity.

   God Bless all those that stand for Liberty, Freedom, and Personal Responsibility.

Lonny Ray Williams, National Chairman

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