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Independent Americans Demand Resignation of Governor Mike DeWine and Calls for Investigation


Whether they are Republican or Democrat most politicians in this nation have sold us out.  Political parties ensure that obedient corrupt party hacks are ushered in through the door while honest representatives are barred from participation.  These selfish vultures would rather neuter our sons and daughters and take money from the hospitals that are making a fortune from it.  Ask Bundy what happens when you stand up against one of these evil hospitals, they took everything from his family, and you could most likely look at which politicians receive hospital political funds to get a clear picture of what happened there.

The greedy despicable scrooges of our time are killing us for money one future generation at a time. Republicans and Democrats long ago lost the ability to stand up for any principles whatsoever other than those of narcissistic tyranny.  This disgusting Republican governor Mike DeWine must resign, then the legislature needs to move a new bill through.  A full investigation needs to be conducted into these hospitals and charges brought against employees and any on the governing boards if necessary.  Our sons and daughters are not ATM’s for you to cash in on.  Hospitals need to be bound to ethics committees set up by our local communities and put the needs and welfare of the people ahead of profits and pig pharma kickbacks. They have killed enough of us and our future generations in the name of healthcare and we demand justice.

Lonny Ray Williams


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