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We are fixing to be immersed in communism

free speech

This young man wore a shirt that said there are only two genders and was sent home, he wore the above shirt and was sent home. A lawsuit was filed with the Federal District Court for Boston to issue a temporary injunction so he could wear his shirt and express his first amendment rights. The court ruled against him. The school proclaimed that they have the right to censor language and they are protecting students from harm. This school posts placards around the school promoting transgender identities and sex preferences. They also stated that the students are free to express their free speech as long as it complies with the established ideological views of the school. Isn’t that what’s done in communist countries? If you express a view that the government doesn’t agree with, you are imprisoned. Don’t you think it is time to fight back before it spreads into city, county, and state government?

Mark Phillips
National 1st Vice Chair

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