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The United Nations

United Nations

Formed in 1945, its primary function is to maintain world peace.  Beginning with 51 original members, the U.N. now has 192 “member states”.  The U.N.’s four main purposes are:

  • Maintain international peace and security.
  • Develop friendly relations among nations.
  • Cooperate in solving international problems and promoting respect for human rights.
  • Be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations.

The formation and lifespan of the United Nations is nearing its end like that of the former League of Nations.  The United Nations along with the policy and work that is conducted by it enriches the elite while stripping the liberty of the people.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, once heralded as a great achievement by the nations of the world, now takes a back seat to profit, corruption, and greed.  Billions are now impoverished while wars continue to fill the coffers of banks with the blood of soldiers and henchmen.

Whenever major catastrophes like earthquakes in Haiti or Indonesia occurred the people of the United States opened their hearts and pocketbooks while brave men and women volunteered and ran to rescue and rebuild.  But corrupt organizations directed by wicked leaders enslaved the areas with loans and chains of servitude.  Staining the good efforts of good people with the wickedness of leaders.

The United States of America is broke.  The U.S. Dollar is in the process of losing the world’s reserve currency status and is being replaced by a basket of commodities of real value.  The BRICS alliance is supported by most of the world’s population and nations.  The next fifteen years will be the greatest depression our nation has ever experienced, and the United Nations is accelerating the process of our destruction all while we pay their bills.

The natural diversity, culture, and traditions of the vast people of the world run contrary to the idea of a one-world government and people always have the inalienable right to govern themselves.  With more wars, poverty, and misery than ever before it is time to disband the United Nations and withdraw from the treaties that are not supportive of our personal and national sovereignty.

By Mark Phillips and Lonny Ray Williams

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