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Reflections of Independence Day

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spenser sembrat qbfkwydewmw unsplash

With the Fourth of July approaching, we would be wise to take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and read (or reread) the Declaration of Independence and ponder how much the concerns and principles that are written in that document, apply, for good or bad, 248 years later. It should take only minimal discernment to realize we’ve chosen collectively to embrace many facets of government that caused the colonists to declare a separation from Great Britain and King George.

There are many spiritual blessings, individually and as a nation, we are currently missing, from our ignorance and/or apathy. The good news is that correct, complete information, is now more widely available then ever before, so let’s raise the bar and be determined to cease following short-sighted beliefs and principles, that brave men and women fought and died, to free us from, nearly two and a half centuries ago.

It’s never too late to return to correct principles of government, but it will take continual effort on the part of citizens to be better educated on human nature and how its connection to political concepts has been an ongoing challenge for millennia – or more.

How true it is, that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. So in that respect, displaying Old Glory, attending patriotic gatherings and picnics alone, will not be enough to heal our Republic. Each of us can have a powerful influence on other citizens and our public servants, when we research the founding of our nation and then disseminate those truths to society at large. Are you up to the task?

Leo R. Lindquist

Vice Chair Independent American Patriots

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